More jobs from FedEx distribution center

More jobs from FedEx distribution center
By: Arnold Wyrick & Heartland News

WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. - Several new positions are coming to the Heartland.  An expansion could lead to about 60 to 80 new jobs in the West Frankfort, Illinois area.

According to a FedEx company spokesperson their distribution center in Marion is no longer big enough to handle their operations.
Now they're looking at expanding their operations just a little farther up the road in West Frankfort.
Fed Ex's new distribution center is scheduled to be built in West Frankfort's business incubator.
The town's economic developer Stephen Cook said the two parties are in agreement on the deal.
"A lot of hurdles, a lot of hoops we had to run through and we finally we finally had got to this point where I think we're about 90%," Cook said.
The new home of FedEx has already been surveyed and marked for development.
All the city of West Frankfort had to do to lure the company in was give them a 10 acre piece of ground.
"They wanted to be here. And we wanted to remove all obstacles for them to be able to be where they wanted to be. So that 10 acres was a small investment in the future of West Frankfort," Cook said.
It's an investment that could end up paying off for the town in dividends far beyond just adding to the city's coffers in taxes.
"They've indicated that they'll be bringing some folks from Marion when this comes to fruition, but they'll also be hiring some part-time and full time employees," he said.
Hopefully, FedEx will deliver on it's promise....creating a jewel in the city's crown of businesses.
FedEx could break ground on the new distribution center in West Frankfort this September.