Local Man's Survival Story Appears in Magazine

Local Man's Survival Story Appears in Magazine
By:  Jason Lindsey
Remember the tornado that bore down on St. Mary back in March of 2006? It changed lives forever and now one man is using his survival story to educate others.
It's a night Rick Boland will never forget.
"Not too many people can say they flew through the air and lived to talk about it," said Boland.
But Boland did and appeared on television programs across the nation. Most recently, in a "KIDS Discover" magazine that educators use right here in Heartland classrooms. His goal is to educate you about severe weather safety. "This can happen to anybody!" Boland said.
So the next time a wicked twister heads his way, not only will he take it seriously, but he'll be prepared for the worst.
"I bought a log cabin with eight inch logs, they are all bolted together, I live off a long grade, and we also have a basement to help protect us," Boland said.
Until that next story, you'll find Boland still cleaning up form Mother Nature's wrath on March 11th, a day that he'll always remember.
"It was the most horrendous ordeal, it's something I will never forget and my kids and grandkids will never forget," he said.