Three generations travel to see D.C. memorial - part 3

Three generations travel to see D.C. memorial
By: Ryan Tate

WASHINGTON D.C. - Of the 31 World War II veterans and others from southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas that made the trip to Washington D.C. last week, three of them have something very special in common: they are related.
Roy Hon of Blytheville, AR, served in the Army-Air Force during World War II. His son Chris, an assistant Superintendent at Poplar Bluff schools, also made the trip. Chris' son Austin, 13, made the total three Hons in Washington.
"It's been really great. He [Grandpa]has a lot of stories," Austin said.
"It's been awesome," Chris said. "My father always brought us up to be patriotic. This is a special time."
"It's been great the time I spent with them. I encouraged Chris to bring Austin," Roy Hon said.
The three of them spent time together looking at monuments, eating meals, and talking with each other on the bus. Austin said he has not learned a lot about World War II history in school yet, but knows about it because of the stories he has heard from his grandfather.
The two youngest Hon's enjoyed watching Roy spend time with the other World War II veterans, and were moved by the response the veterans got from complete strangers.
"I'm so emotional," said Chris Hon. "They really are the greatest generation."
The organizers of the Honor Tour are planning another trip this fall with a new set of World War II veterans. If you would like to donate to help make the trip possible, contact Rob Callahan at (573) 785-8461 or (573) 718-1076.