Thieves steal metal off homes

Thieves steal metal off homes
By: Arnold Wyrick

CARTERVILLE, Ill. - With the price of scrap metal on the rise, some thieves in Williamson County are cashing in on the bountiful supply of aluminum siding right off their neighbors' homes. 
In the past couple of days, police report at least five homes have been stripped of siding in the Crab Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park.
Now neighbors fear their homes could be next.
"If they do start moving this direction it makes me wonder who's going to put a stop to it," said Glen Anderson of Carterville.  "What's going to be done about it?  Because if they're getting away with it over there right now, what's to stop them from doing it over here in our neighborhood."
And, Anderson tells Heartland News this isn't the first time he's seen mobile homes stripped of their siding.
"I've not only seen it in that trailer park, I've also seen it in the trailer parks going around on the other side of the neighborhood," said Anderson.
Currently the price of a pound of aluminum is selling from 65 cents to 80 cents per pound.  And police say it doesn't matter if it's the siding, window frames or door frames.  If it's aluminum, thieves are stealing it and selling it for money.
That's why police are asking residents living in the area to keep their eyes and ears open for any suspicious activity.
"I'm here all the time and I'll hear what's going on.  And I'll call the police.  I won't let anybody outside know what I'm doing here inside," said Martha Wright of Carterville.  "And I'll tell the police to be quiet when they come so they can catch the crooks in the process."
That may be the only way they do get caught, because the salvage yards don't ask for any identification from sellers of scrap metals.