Heartland vets honored-part 2

Heartland vets honored- part 2
By: Ryan Tate

WASHINGTON D.C. - As 31 World War II veterans traveled through Washington D.C., many people stopped to honor them.
They traveled to D.C. to see the World War II Memorial and other Capitol landmarks. But their trip also involved something few expected: applause.
"Traveling with these guys, they are like rock stars," said Poplar Bluff Assistant Superintendent Chris Hon. "But they've done something a lot more substantial than celebrities."
The veterans received rounds of applause when they exited the plane at Baltimore Washington International Airport, traveling through the terminal and at Arlington National Cemetary.  They received thank you's from a Two-Star General in the Air Force, teenage girls and complete strangers.
"Shocked," said World War II veteran Roy Hon. "Kids were hollering and giving us hands all day long. It's a tremendous thing."
"The greeting at the airport, it brings tears to our eyes to think people are so wonderful.  There's still so many good people in the world," said Milford Slover of Bollinger County.
"It's nice to be remembered, to be thanked. But they don't owe me nothing," said David Jordan of Doniphan.
The veterans traveled from southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas.  They spent parts of three days in Washington.
The organizers of the Honor Tour are planning another trip this fall with a new set of World War II veterans. If you would like to donate to help make the trip possible, contact Rob Callahan at (573) 785-8461 or (573) 718-1076.