Pop Out the Pop-Ups

Not all surprises are welcome. 
Lately, you may have noticed a few pop-up surprises on your computer. 
They're everywhere, they're the advertising world's latest attempt to get your attention, and boy are they annoying.  When you visit any number of popular sites on the interent, you get something more than what you bargained for.

Marketers have successfully found ways to bring advertising into our lives for years.  But Americans, too, are getting pretty good and finding their way around those ads. Take TV for instance, you can always get up and get a sandwich when the commercial comes on, or just fast forward through them on your V-C-R.   Magazines always have those bothersome slips of paper that fall in your lap when you open them, they're easy enough to throw away, so why can't there be something just as easy to do to get around those pesky pop-up ads?

Well, there is. Press your left hand to the computer monitor right now, and raise your right hand, now repeat after me:  I will never, never ever click on a pop-up ad -- never.   That only encourages advertisers that pop-ups work.

Beyond that, there are some handy, inexpensive free programs you can download and use to kill the pop-ups.   Let's take a look at 'em:

First, there's a program called No Ads.   Don't go to noads.com...or you'll get more pop-ups.   Here's the website:  it's www.southbaypc.com/noads.   Quick download.   Free program.   Easy to install.

Next: pop-up killer...a similar program you can find at http://software.xfx.net .

Finally, go to www.panicware.com for yet another free-ware program called pop-up stopper. 
But remember, using these software programs may keep out ads that could actually offer some good deals.  Then there are those who claim that pop-up ads help pay for a free internet, and if you wipe them out, the internet may start costing you. Something to think about, too.