Four Day School Week?

Four day school week?
By: Erica Byfield

MARION, Ky. - The school week may get a little shorter in one Heartland county.

The Crittenden County Board of Education is considering adopting a four day school week.
This may be hard to believe, but in the midst of their summer vacation, some Crittenden County cheerleaders actually have school work on their minds.
It's not because they are eager for classes to start in the fall, but because there is a chance they'd only have to go to school four days a week.
"It would put a lot less stress on us, because we have a lot of homework," said Amber Wright.  
Here's how it would work.

Students would attend classes Tuesday through Friday and teachers would use every Monday as a resource day.

Why do it? Gas prices: school leaders have said publicly a shorter week could cut transportation costs. 
"We were looking into it to basically help our budget," said Deborah LaPlante.  She's on the district's calendar committee.  LaPlante is a fan of the four day school week and the money it could save. 
"I think it would be a good thing for our school system," said parent Phyllis Wright.
Plus, a neighboring county made the switch in 2003 and that district saved some big bucks.
"Webster County saves $350,000 a year doing this and I just believe that if we could save that kind of money that it would be an excellent idea," LaPlante said. 
But not all Crittenden county parents like the idea of an extra day off.
"There are some child care issues I know some parents have talked about having baby sitting issues," Wright said. 
If school leaders give the four day week the "ok" cheerleader Amber Wright already knows what she'll be up to on Mondays. "Probably just relax and watch TV and read a book or two."    
School districts across the country use the four day school week.  Most are in rural areas with fewer than one thousand students.