Two New Water Misters; a "2 for 1 Deal" this Does it Work Wednesday

Two New Water Misters; a "2 for 1 Deal"
By: Lauren Keith

This Does it Work Wednesday, a "2 for 1 Deal."  Two water-misting products designed to keep you cool this summer.  First, the Misty Mate Lounge Chair Mister promises to keep you cool as you sunbathe.  Second, the Misty Mate Cool Blast Personal Cooler is a portable sprayer designed to pump out a fine mist, cooling the air around you as well.

"Ooh, it's like a spring," notes lifeguard Lauren Clark of Cape Girardeau.

The Misty Mate Lounge Chair Mister easily bends and fits around almost anything.  I take it to Capaha Pool where, I think, if this works, the lifeguards here might really like it.  All you have to do is hook the Misty Mate up to a hose, turn the valve, and a fine mist sprays out for as long as you like.

"The water is nice and cold," says Lauren Clark.

We don't know if it's 30 degrees cold, like it claims to do on the front of the box, but we can control the flow of the mist and turn it off when we want to. That's the other nice feature of this Misty Mate product. You can also move the coil to any position you want and it stays in place. The lifeguards approve, but say hooking it up to a hose might not be ideal at this pool, where little kids could trip over it.

"It'd be great for sunbathing at home in the backyard or next to your own pool at home.  B or B+," says lifeguard Stephanie Harrington.

We'll mull over the final grade while we test the next product.  Ashley Nenninger, Stephanie Harrington and Lauren Clark already have their doubts about the Cool Blast Personal Cooler.

"There's only so much water in it so I don't know how long it will last," says Stephanie.

So Ashley gives it a pump, and a nice spray comes out when you push the "mist" button.

However, is the $6 Cool Blast Personal Cooler any better than say...a spray bottle?

"It's better than having to sit there and spray the bottle over and over," says Ashley.

Ashley holds down the "mist" button for several minutes, and likes what she sees.

"You can't even see the water moving inside the fill bottle, so I think it's going to last awhile," says Ashley.

Again, we're not sure if it's a cool blast of 30 degrees, like the claim on the front of the box, but we know it's refreshing.

"It feels better than having the hot sun on us," says Ashley.

The lifeguards also say they like this Personal Cooler better than the Lounge Chair Mister because it's portable, and they can carry it with them from chair to chair during their shift changes.

"Also, if I was going to Six Flags, I'd carry it around," adds Stephanie.

That said, let's cool down and hand out the $7 Misty Mate Lounge Chair Mister a B+, and the $6 Portable Cool Blast Personal Cooler gets a refreshing "A" on this Does it Work test. Both products work great, but the lifeguards preferred the portable version. It does not require batteries either, which is another "plus."

Meantime, the Lounge Chair Mister does not come with a hose.  You'll need that for the Mister to work.  I bought both products at the Sikeston Wal-Mart.  You can also find a full list of Misty Mate products at