Flooded shelter displaces families

Flooded shelter displaces families
By: Wes Wallace

SIKESTON, Mo. - While most people would agree Sunday evening's storms brought much needed rain, others in Sikeston would tell you otherwise.
"I came in and saw three, sometimes four inches of water, and I didn't know what to do with six families,"  said Marlene Anglin with the Delta Area Economic Opportunity Corporation or DAEOC.
Anglin says nine adults and 14 children were staying at the DAEOC's Homeless Shelter in Sikeston until flooding forced them out.   DAEOC helped the families find refuge at a nearby hotel.  The Red Cross will foot the bill for the next three nights.
"These families were homeless before they came to us and now they're facing finding shelter again," Anglin said.
While there's a certain stereotype about the homeless, Anglin explains in smaller towns it's a much different picture.  Rather than sleeping on the streets or on a park bench, Anglin says a lot of the homeless in southeast Missouri move from house to house, family member to family member, or they'll sleep in their cars.
However, Anglin is quick to point out not all homeless are helpless.
"Several of our clients have jobs.  Just because you're homeless doesn't mean you're on welfare or are unemployed," Anglin said.  "It often means you work, you have a job, but just have trouble making ends meet."
Since a lot of the refrigerators, stoves, floors, and mattresses were ruined by the flooding, the DAEOC Homeless Project is in dire need of your help.
You can contact them at (573) 379-3851, or you can make a donation in care of "DAEOC Homeless Project."

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