Water woes

Water woes
By: Kathy Sweeney & Heartland News

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - While wet weather soaked the Heartland this weekend, residents in a Cape County neighborhood have been high and dry.
More than 200 families living just outside of Cape say their most recent water woes began Saturday afternoon.
Resident Roy Devault said he was without water two weeks ago for 36 hours.
"About 3 p.m. I turned the water on a noticed the pressure was down," said Devault.
Several of Devault's neighbors say the Hillcrest subdivision water system isn't maintained properly.
They don't think the utility is doing a good job of letting them know what's going on.
"You call to find out, get a recording, no word on when it's coming back on," said Tammy Roberts, a Hillcrest resident.
One resident is handing out flyers asking neighbors to contact the state's public service commission.
The problem has now been found. A worker with Hillcrest Utilities said a bad diesel wire in the pump caused the problem.
The Hillcrest subdivision is now under a 48-hour boil order.