Out of Retirement for the Miners

Out of Retirement for the Miners
By: Carly O'Keefe
MARION, Il, -- With names like Speedy and Ozzie, you'd almost expect them to be out on the baseball field, but their home base is actually in the parking lot.
"My goal was to be here for opening day, I wanted to be one of the first guys in here on opening day. Little did I know I would be lucky enough to work here," said Rent One Park Parking Attendant Ozzie Herrera.
Ozzie is 72-years old. He says he can always find folks a place to park before they go into the game, unless folks decide to go at it on their own.
"We've got a lot of those, I call them ‘cowboys', they park wherever they want. And it's okay, as long as they have a ticket," Ozzie joked.  
On the flip side, it's 77-year old Clarence "Speedy" Henschen not to let folks go wherever they'd like.
"I've got a big list here of folks who are authorized to go through this gate," said Speedy.
Even though speedy has to occasionally put his foot down, he's made quite a few friends among the folks who are allowed to park in his lot.
"Just yesterday an umpire asked me if I'd like to take his place. He asked me my measurements and said he had a uniform to fit me, and I said, okay, wait a minute, we've gone far enough with this joke, I'll stay in the parking lot," said Speedy.
Both Speedy and Ozzie say they enjoy interacting with Miner's players and fans, and they say it sure beats the heck out of retirement.
"I just like to talk to people, that's one reason I came back to work again. I didn't want to be a couch potato. No way," Speedy said.
Neither speedy nor Ozzie have missed a Miner's home game yet.