Authorities warn about cop impersonator

Authorities warn about cop impersonator
By: Crystal Britt

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A large scale investigation in western Missouri continues. Authorities are looking for a man who police say impersonated an officer and assaulted two women.  
The Howell County Sheriff tells Heartland News they're working about 200 leads right now, with at least a dozen officers on the case.  It happened near West Plains. The victims say the man had a blue dash light on his car.  He allegedly pulled them over, then pulled them out of the car, and forced them to the ground.
It can happen anywhere. Not long ago in western Kentucky someone impersonated a Kentucky State Trooper also using a blue light to pull someone over. In southeast Kentucky, officers are still looking for those responsible for stealing five winter K.S.P. uniforms.
Many of us have been there, you're driving along, you check your rear view mirror, and you see flashing lights. Edna Seabaugh of Perryville says she was pulled over Wednesday night. She could only think about the ticket she might get, she never thought if the officer legit or not?
"Not at that time, I didn't," said Seabaugh.
Renae Ruppenthal said she pulled over by an officer on a country road in the middle of the night. She didn't think twice about stopping either. 
"I respect the police so I just always think they're doing their job and it's legitimately a cop. I never really thought about it," said Ruppenthal. 
Officers say call 911 if you're not sure about the officer trying to stop you, and make sure he or she is legit.  Also, if you're not comfortable about the location, drive to a well lit or highly populated area before stopping.