YourTurn - 6/25/07

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Sharon Manker from Cape Girardeau:
"As I watched Jeff Cunningham tell the story of his daughter tears came to my eyes.  I felt the pain his family has gone through...but also the joy she gives them each day.  As a grandmother of four boys, one of whom was born 10 weeks prematurely...we have been given a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, pulmonary fibrosis, and other (conditions)...he just celebrated his 2nd birthday.  My daughter also has a three year old with painful as it is, these special needs children...make us stronger and appreciative of the little things in life, even if it just a smile.  Thank you for allowing Jeff to tell their story..."
Jill Johnston from Advance:
(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on dental care) "I am proud to say I'm 34 and never had a cavity....I'm so thankful that my mother took the time to teach me the habit of brushing twice a day...I began brushing my daughter's gums with a special baby brush even before the appearance of her first tooth...she is now 10 and never has had a cavity.  Darn it, I wish it could have prevented the need for braces."
Heartland viewer Joyce Aldrich:
"It's my gripe that (KFVS) does not tell anything about rodeos or bull riding.  Did you know that Missouri has some very well known riders?...why can't you mention (bull riding) sometimes?...riders pull together and help when one of them gets hurt...they are a great bunch of guys."
Dennis Brown from Marble Hill:
"I don't understand why the news media chooses to cover these spoiled actors...we drop (war coverage for someone) who doesn't deserve thirty seconds.  The only thing missing was the (Ford) Bronco...Wake Up!"

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