Two Lottery winners from small town

Two Lottery winners from small town
By: Carly O'Keefe

CARRIER MILLS, Ill. - Saturday, a Carrier Mills man who wishes to remain anonymous, stopped by the Harrisburg Farm Fresh to buy a scratch-off Lottery ticket, and won $2 million.
"It's this $20 scratch-off ticket, the $75 Million Game. Our little joke around here is that now it's down to $73 million," said Farm Fresh cashier Kim Wise.
Since word of the big win has gotten out, the Harrisburg Farm Fresh has seen a little extra business.
"This is the new happening place to buy your lottery ticket," said Wise.
But Farm Fresh isn't the only lucky Lottery vendor in Saline County. Last month the Carrier Mills Casey's sold a big jackpot Little Lotto ticket.  Jack Keane won a $235,000 payout.
What's odd is that both winners are from the small town of Carrier Mills.
"Must be a stroke of good luck in Carrier Mills. I wish I could get a hold of it," said Carrier Mills resident Jaime Ellis.
"It's a small town, you don't hear of that very often, some people around here get lucky, it's good, they can better their lives," said Shannon Rone also of Carrier Mills.
So lately it almost seems that if you have roots in Carrier Mills you have a better could win the lottery.
"It could maybe help," Paul Skaggs said jokingly. "But then again, I've lived here for many years and I play every week, and I never won nothing. So it still takes luck. That's what you've gotta have."
The Harrisburg Farm Fresh will see 1 percent of the $2 million jackpot just for selling the winning ticket.  That's a total of $20,000 dollars.