Closing date set for Dana plant

Closing date set for Dana plant
By: Ryan Tate
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Dana Corporation sent out a letter to employees this week, announcing it will begin layoffs at the Cape Girardeau Plant August 20th.
Dana filed for bankruptcy last June and announced plans to close some of its United States plants in December.  Cape Girardeau is one of them. The Cape plant employees more than 150 people.

Dana sent out a letter to employees stating the company's plans to comply with the "Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act" of 1988. The law forces the company to announce its plans for layoffs 60 days before they take affect.

Following the August 20th layoffs, the company will continue layoffs over the following three months until the plant closes November 30th.
When the plant closing was announced in 2006, leaders said the Cape Girardeau plant would close in the Summer of 2008. But since then, plant leaders have been telling employees that the timetable will probably be moved up. Of the employees Heartland News spoke with Tuesday, none of them were surprised by the contents of the letter, because it verified what they had been told.