Rend Lake named one of seven wonders in Illinois

Rend Lake named one of seven wonders in Illinois
By: Heartland news

Rend Lake is now officially recognized as one of the seven wonders in Illinois.
On Monday, many of the legislators from around the state gathered at the lake's resort for a special ceremony.
The one man in southern Illinois who really got the ball rolling on the lake being built in the first place was U.S. Congressman Ken Gray.
"I said to Kennedy. I had President Kennedy down here twice in West Frankfort and Harrisburg," said Gray. "And I said we need a lake real bad. And he said 'If I'm elected president you come and see me and we'll build it.'"
The project was completed in 1971.
Now about three million visitors come to Rend Lake for boating, fishing, golf and hunting.

Other wonders in Illinois include Starved Rock State Park, Allerton Park and Retreat Center, Black Hawk State Historic Site, The Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway, Wrigley Field and Baha'i House of Worship.