Water conservation tips

Water conservation tips
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - After weeks of too little or no rain, parts of the Heartland are literally drying up.

We might as well blame Mother Nature.
"We're dry right now, you could look at the grass around the area and it's just brown," said Ed Sanders.   
Brown is a tough color to see when you're in the business of making things green like Sanders.
"For this month we've only had 1.2 inches, not even an inch and a half yet; so we're at least three to four inches behind," he said. 
Until we get the rain we need, water conservation is the key.
Sanders is quick to point out, there's a way to save water and still have a green lawn.
In an effort to conserve water and improve your grass quality, water it one inch per week.
Other tips include making a conscious effort to turn your water off while brushing teeth or shaving.
"You can save water by throwing trash in the trash can instead of flushing it down," said Glen Anderson with Paducah Water. 
Also, try using your neighborhood car wash instead of pulling out a hose and doing it yourself.
After more than 20 years of experience, Ed Sanders knows the only thing that will get us out this mess is rain.
But if you're still in the quest to keep your lawn a shade of green, be sure to stick to the "one inch a week rule."  That way there will be enough to go around.

Since we've slipped into a mini drought, Paducah Water increased the amount of water pumped into the city by nearly five million gallons.