Community helps house-jacked victims

Community helps house-jacked victims
By: Crystal Britt

MILLERSVILLE, Mo. - Imagine paying your mortgage every month, then finding out you really don't own that house, someone else does. In fact, one Heartland family just found out several people think they own their home.
We first told you about this mess a couple of weeks ago.  Steve and Tina Risinger of Millersville in Cape Girardeau County recently learned they've only been paying for the land their modular home sits on, not the house. They've been house jacked!
"When it first came down we were like, what are we going to do," said Tina Risinger. 
Three weeks ago Steve and Tina Risinger got the news that brought them to their knees. Years of house payments were for nothing. They thought they owned their house in Millersville, but turns out they don't.
"It's been a big nightmare," said Tina. 
The Risinger's say they've been interviewed by the FBI and have since been told there's five loans out on their home. The couple says the mortgage company with the title to the house is threatening to repossess. That's just a matter of time, unless something can be done legally. The Risinger's have hired an attorney, but really can't afford one. That's where good friends, family, and complete strangers come in. 
"We knew they didn't have the means to do what they needed to do to try and save their home and even if they can't save their home, then they're going to have to have the money to start over," said Shannon Storz. 
It might seem like a small gesture, but a bake sale outside Walmart in Jackson was a start.  "We were thinking we were lost you know. What are we going to do now, but it seems there are people out there that care," said Tina.
"We couldn't believe someone would do that to someone else," said Storz. 
No one's been charged in this case, and we know they're not alone. Several other people in southeast Missouri have been victimized as well.
As for the Risinger's they're holding on to hope...the same hope Tina cling's to as she battles breast cancer.
"You know the good Lord only puts on your shoulders what he thinks you can handle, but he's pushing ours. That's what I keep telling my husband, he's pushing us," said Tina.
There's a fund set up in the Risinger's name at the 1st Midwest Bank at 2319 East Jackson Blvd. in Jackson, MO.

Friends are also planning a benefit in the near future. For more information, contact Shannon Storz at