Man faces murder charges in girlfriend's death

Man faces murder charges in girlfriend's death
By: Heartland News

HARRISBURG, Ill. - A Harrisburg man faces a murder charge in the death of a 25-year-old woman.
Ashleigh Miller suffered head trauma on Memorial Day and died later that week.
The Saline County state's attorney has charged Arnulfo Fonseca, 35, with Miller's death.
Fonseca, Miller's boyfriend, is accused of striking Miller in the head and causing her death.
Fonseca had been charged with aggravated DUI, driving while revoked, and obstructing justice for allegedly lying to police about Miller's death.
Miller's stepbrother was also arrested for obstructing justice.
Both men told police Ashleigh Miller jumped out of a moving car and injured her head in Carrier Mills.
Investigators said the two stories didn't match.