Woman claims attorney stole money

Woman claims attorney stole money
By: Arnold Wyrick and Heartland News staff

COBDEN, Ill. - Police continue their search for a missing Union County attorney and a lot of missing money.
A client of Patrick Cox claims his disappearance is connected to more than $100,000 missing from a trust account.
Susan Adams says she hired Cox to handle her legal and financial matters.  She's in the middle of a divorce and sold the Tip Top Tavern in Cobden.
"We sold our business, our marital business. It was taken out of marital property and sold. Funds were put in an attorney trust account which would be Pat Cox's. And I found out Thursday that the funds were gone," said Adams.
Adams filed a petition Monday with a judge to freeze the account.
She feels strongly that Patrick Cox stole more than $100,000 from her and her estranged husband.
"It leaves our marital home gone because the check he wrote to pay that off bounced. And so that home is gone. It leaves my children and myself with nothing.  It leaves my ex-husband with nothing," said Adams.
No one has seen Patrick Cox since late last week and no one is staying in his home in Anna.
Susan Adams said she has no idea what happened to her money, but she has a theory.
" I have no idea. He's spends a lot of time at the casino that's my only idea. I have no idea I wish I could spend that kind of money gambling," she said.
While investigators continue their search for Cox and the missing money, Adams has a few questions for her attorney.
"Why would you do this? How could you do this? I've never stolen anything in my life. And I can't imagine stealing it. What he's done is beyond my comprehension. It's beyond a lot of people's comprehension."
Cox's license to practice law has been suspended pending the outcome of the Illinois attorney general's investigation into the matter.