Twin sisters share more than birthday

Twins share more than just birthday
By: Crystal Britt

KENNETT, Mo. - Eighteen-year-old twin girls...sounds like a handful, right? Imagine the headaches and heartaches for mom and dad. Well, twins Claire and Charlyn Watson from Kennett are giving their parents a lot to be proud of, most notably for their academic record. 
"I've always had someone.  I've never been alone," said Claire Watson. 
Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter.  they're stuck with one another. "We fight like cats and dogs, but she's my best friend and I couldn't imagine life without her you know," said Charlyn Watson. 
Sisters and friends...they share everything. Well, just about everything. "We don't fight over boys, she stays away from mine," said Charlyn. Charlyn and Claire grew up in Kennett.
Together they've twirled batons, played tennis, shopped and enjoyed the good things in life like mom's sweet tea.  May be we should find out what's in that tea because Charlyn and Claire also have another thing in common....they're pretty smart.
"The harder classes, a lot of people slacked off and we just kept going.  Mom and Dad always encouraged us, they never pushed us, but said, you'll get it," said Claire.  
Now, they share more than just cute shoes. On graduation night, they found out Claire is Valedictorian of the class of 2007, and Charlyn is Salutatorian.  Check out how close it was: Claire's G.P.A. is a 3.994 and Charlyn's is a 3.98.
"I made an A in a class and she mad an A minus. It was a high A minus and mine was a lower A," said Claire. 
"I just never wanted to be better than her.  Academics was her thing, but I always wanted to be just as good. I would try my hardest, but she did better than me," said Charlyn. 
The twin's father, C.P. Watson, said, "They've discovered together they can conquer just about anything."
They're next stop is college. With their older brother Matthew already out of the house, it leaves an empty nest. "We're not talking about that," said Cheryl Watson, the girls' mother. 
Both girls are going to Mizzou and they can't wait. "When you're little, you're like, why did I have to be a twin. I don't ever get to say, 'Charlyn did this', it's always Charlyn and Claire, but when it comes down to it---it's a blessing," said Charlyn.
While they'll attend the same school, they're not rooming together. Claire plans to major in Chemistry and Charlyn plans to major in English.