YourTurn - 6/18/07

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Ervin Gerard an Alderman from Portageville:
"I would like to thank Holly Brantley and (KFVS News) for the coverage Portageville (received) on the dangerous track.  BNSF had a crew in town...taking out cross ties and putting in new ones...I am happy you were able to get their attention and get some repair work started."
Heartland viewer Joe Neal Neftzger:
"We have DISH Network and miss your CW programming.  We contacted DISH and they say it is your fault.  We want CW on DISH."
Charlie Ziegenhorn from Cape Girardeau:
"I think it is pretty stupid for Major League Baseball to ask Barry Bonds to contribute something to the Hall of Fame. (Bonds) is under the microscope and hung out to dry with the steroid scandal...and never formally charged with anything...I'm not a big fan of Bonds but until he is proven guilty of using illegal drugs (he) should be left alone and just let him finish playing the game."
Karen Malkovich McClusky of Harrisburg:
"(Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on traffic injuries and deaths) once again hit the nail on the head.  Individual accountability is a crisis in our country which is costing us at every turn.  From not wearing seat belts, to drinking too hot coffee, or smokers suffering from lung cancer, it has become the status quo to blame our negligence or stupidity on a teacher I have been bombarded with the ‘rules and regs' of No Child Left Behind...which, in theory is admirable.  In actuality, we can only teach students who come ready to learn."

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