Fate of major Heartland moneymaker uncertain

Fate of major Heartland moneymaker uncertain
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - As of Tuesday, Bhupinder Singh owns the Executive Inn, Paducah's City Commission decided to stop efforts to buy the hotel and announced potential plans to build a new one downtown.

With all that said, what about the quilt show?  Is the Heartland's biggest money maker going to stay?

One look at these carefully crafted quilts should give it away.
"It's more than a hobby... it's my career," said Caryl Bryer Fallert, a master quilter.
She's won "Best in Show" at the American Quilter Society Quilt Show three times.
After years of success, Fallert moved to the Heartland to open a shop of her own.
"It's been wonderful for business, we've been open for two quilt shows now," she said.   
What is no so good for business is the thought the show leaving.  "I never imagined something like this would happen" said Fallert.   
Meredith Schroeder, the founder of the quilt show, said she can't make a decision yet as to whether or not the quilt show is going to leave Paducah.  A decision will probably come sometime Monday after main parties involved in the show can talk. 
"I think if we lost the quilt show for one year a lot of the quilters would not come back," said Fallert.
She is not the only one in town feeling a little queasy over the possible pull out.
"It would be heartbreaking if they didn't come," said Jada Wikoff, a local restaurant server. 
"The community is working as hard as we can to make sure the quilt show stays in Paducah," said Mayor Bill Paxton. 
Fallert's holding on to her hope that everything works out because she gave up lot to move here, never thinking the quilt show would leave.
"There are a lot of unanswered questions... and I'm feeling a little uneasy because I invested my life savings here and I'm wondering if that was a good choice now," said Fallert.  

The quilt show brings in about $18 million each year to restaurants, hotels, and shopping.  In comparison, the city of Paducah's budget each year is just over $55 million.