State school graduates special needs students

State school graduates special needs students
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Three students graduated from a state funded public school in Cape Girardeau that caters to special needs children.
Schools leaders at Parkview State School say some parents feared their kids would never graduate.
School leaders say the 21-year-olds probably would have never had a chance of getting a diploma if not for all the special attention the teachers give them in their classes.
While the mental and physical disabilities may prevent many of the graduates from getting jobs, Principal Melba Board said one student smiled up at her when she gave him his diploma and seemed to understand the significance of it all.

"State schools have a belief that all children can learn and they can all achieve on their own personal goals. We have educational goals for each of the students here at Parkview. We work very diligently to support their efforts and to help them progress," said Board.

Some students will head back into day programs while others will stay in their parents' care.
Students in Missouri can only attend state school through the age of 21.