Child abuse charges dismissed

Child abuse charges dismissed
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A Cape Girardeau couple says they're looking forward to getting their lives back on track, after months of sleepless nights.
It began when a 16-year-old girl accused 44-year-old Jack Page of beating her up.
The charges that followed, have since been dismissed, but Page and the child's mother say there's a lot more to the story.
"People would see me and they would look at me like I was a child molester," Page said.
He claims all he did was defend himself when Lorie Blalock attacked him with a kitchen knife.
Instead he faced felony child abuse charges.
Page wasn't married to the 16-year-old's mother at the time Lorie accused him of attacking her, and says the pain of the accusations cut deep.
"She said I was grabbing her by the hair on her head, dragging her around on the floor and beating her at the same time," Page says.
He shows us just how tough it is for him to get out of a chair - he says a traumatic brain injury left him partially paralyzed years ago.
"I can't open my left hand at all - so there goes my holding her down hitting her," he says.
"She can't figure out reality and fantasy," Lorie's mother, Sabrina Page, says. She says her bi-polar daughter has many medical problems, and is currently in treatment.
Lorie's filed many allegations over the years similar to the one against Jack Page.
"She's got on the internet, talked to people, told them I've stabbed her," Page said.
"They would come investigate, and there's never a mark on her everything is always unsubstantiated, dropped," Sabrina Page said.
But, among the stack of allegations she's collected, Page points out a therapy book belonging to Lorie when she was just five.
Her mother says it might explain her daughter's problems.
"She was fondled by her daddy," she says.
Crude pictures of Lorie, her father, and a bed detail the horror the child allegedly lived through, long before the problems began.
"From the age of three we started seeing behavioral problems. At five years she was suspended out of kindergarten five times. It gets worse with age," she said.
That's enough of a reason for Jack Page to try to forgive and forget; especially now that charges have been dismissed.
"She has a mental problem, and I cannot judge her on that. I have to love her for who she is," he said.
Jack and Sabrina Page hope state leaders encourage funding towards bi-polar research.
They say more understanding might help other people avoid facing charges in situations like the one they dealt with.
Of course police say they investigate every complaint, regardless of the circumstances.