Projects in southern Illinois making headway

Projects in southern Illinois making headway
By: Mike Shain

SOUTHERN Ill. - Four proposed projects in Illinois appear to be making good progress toward development and new jobs.
There are three energy projects in the most depressed counties of Illinois, Alexander and Pulaski with a golf development added in Johnson County.
Community leaders with the Southernmost Illinois Empowerment Zone got an update from the companies.

The big project is planned for Cairo.  Clean Coal Power Resources wants to build a plant that would convert coal to diesel fuel at a cost of nearly $3.5 billion.  The plant would employ 1000 workers to build and a permanent workforce of 750.  It reports progress on planning and preparation.  There is one possible stumbling block, the developers want to use land that's now occupied by Cairo's airport.

The most likely project to be first is a biodiesel plant in Cairo.  Donna Raynalds of Southernmost Illinois says building of the plant could be started later this year.  An ethanol plant proposed for Pulaski County reports making progress on permits and other matters.

Meanwhile, Gambit Golf Course at Vienna is continuing its developments and revealed to Southernmost plans for residential development.
Donna Raynalds says her group wants counties and cities to gear up planning for new residents and business.