Buddy Check 12: Relay for Life

Buddy Check 12: Relay for Life
By: Holly Brantley

Beyond medical care, the key to fighting cancer is support.  That's what the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event brings to the disease.
Delores Bohnsack is one survivor who's part of that campaign for a cure. Bohnsack is an eight year Breast Cancer Survivor. She's now cancer free, but dedicates much of her time to Relay for Life. She says it's been an inspiration for her.
"It's my hope that eventually cancer will be cured. But, if not, at least we can keep treatments going and keep people living," said Bohnsack.
In fact, Bohnsack's husband Darell is also a fellow cancer survivor. Darell had prostate cancer. Today he is also free of the disease. Together the couple participates in Relay for Life.
"I tease him that because I wanted him to walk with me in Relay he became a cancer survivor," said Bohnsack.
Their two sons also participate in Relay.
Delores says it's the support of faith, family and friends that remind those affected by cancer that the best days can be yet to come.
"It's not the end of the world," said Bohnsack. "There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me, I know."
Delores Bohnsack encourages yearly mammograms because early detection can be a life saver. Of course, the family will participate in Cape County's Relay for Life this Friday. Their team hopes to raise more than $5000.