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Does it Work Wednesday

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker: Does it Work?

Does it Work Wednesday
Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

By: Lauren Keith

We know ice cream comes from cows, but from a plastic ball? Well, sort of! The new Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker claims to make homeade ice cream anywhere! All you need are some basic ingredients and a group of friends to "have a ball with." You literally toss in the ingredients and throw the ball around until the ice cream is made---no need for electricity, but definitely some manpower. I asked the Mangels family of Oak Ridge to help me with this test.

First, we jam in as much ice as possible into one end of the ball, just like the instructions say. Then, we add rock salt. On the other side of the ball, you open the lid and pour in vanilla flavoring, cream and sugar. Now it's time to shake things up a bit!

 The instructions say to throw the ball around for ten minutes. So, Reece, Tessa, Lindsey, Shelby and I all take a turn. We quickly learn this ball is kind of heavy.  Little Tessa has the hardest time of all.  Watch those toes! This thing weighs seven pounds! Still, it is kind of fun. After we wear out a bit, we roll it around, until it's time to check in on the ice cream.

"It doesn't look ready," notes Lindsey.

But we didn't expect it to be ready just yet.  The directions say you'll likely need 5 or 10 minutes more before the ice cream is ready. Right now, we have a milkshake. So, we dump out the old, sloshy ice and rock salt.  Then we add in some new, and get back to having a ball----I guess!

"It is fun throwing it around," says Reece.

Hopefully, all of this tossing around pays off. Sure enough, five minutes later, it looks like the ice cream is ready.  The only problem is we need Grandpa Charlie's pliers to pry the lip open.  Once we taste what's inside, we decide it's worth it.

"Oh that's good," says Grandpa Charlie as he tastes the ice cream.

The flavor is great, but the quantity is lacking.  This particular model of the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker only churns out a pint of ice cream.  so, our bunch only gets a few spoonfuls each!

"It didn't make much ice cream for the amount of work we put into it. I'd give it an A minus," says Shelby Mangels.

"It was fun to throw around, but it's heavy. I'd still give it an 'A," says Lindsey Mangels.

"B plus!" says Reece Mangels.

"I'd go with a grade 'B," says Tessa Mangels.

 But the adults seem to be more practical than our "testers."

"I'm going to give it a C! Too small servings," says Grandpa Charlie Mangels.

"C or C plus. It's more fun for the kids, but it does make good ice cream," says Grandma Verla Mangels.

"For the amount of money you talked about, you can buy a lot of ice cream for that!" adds Grandpa Charlie.

That's true! The $20 Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker isn't practical,  but it's a fun summertime activity.  It might be great to have for the kids and their babysitter to do, or at family picnics, but just remember it only makes a pint at a time.

After averaging those letter grades, the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker scoops out a B minus on this Does it Work test.

I bought the pint-sized Play and Freeze at Wal-Mart for $20.  I noticed you can buy a model that makes a quart, for $40, at Target.

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