Gas Stations Going Electronic

Gas Stations Going Electronic
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- The nationwide average of a price of regular unleaded gas hovers around $3.09, and while prices here in the Heartland are lower, some stations are doing their best to keep up with fluctuating rates.

Many stations like this Southern BiState in Cape Girardeau are going electronic, when it comes to advertising gas prices. You might not think it's a big deal, t the people who change those signs for a living say they're glad times are changing.
"This is so much better, you just run the extension cord through the window plug it in, punch in what you need," Shirley Sawyer, Assistant Manager at the Jackson BP Gas Station says.
That's all it takes to post a new gas price on their electronic sign.

Sawyer changes the prices when her employer asks her to, and says the new system is ideal for avoiding, "The heat, the wind and the rain," she says.

Did we mention passers-by and customers?
"That was the worst part for me going outside. They would gripe about it come in, they're all mad. I try to explain I don't set it I have to pay the same price you're paying," she says.

"As soon as they see me come out with the ladder they know what's going on," John Lashley says. He doesn't have the luxury of pushing a few buttons, but works with manual signs.

With the price of gas changing all the time John's outside the store quite often.
"I've had people down the road yell at me "oh gas is too high!" I thought that was funny, because half of them don't drive," he says.

John hopes his store goes electronic sometime.  Until then, he takes pride in working on one of the last full service gas stations in Cape Girardeau.

"We have disabled people who don't get out of the car who appreciate us. They don't ever mention the price of gas,' he says.
We did speak with several people who stopped to pump gas, but no one would admit to taking their frustrations out on gas station clerks.
They do say however electronic signs are easier to read at night, so they can figure out which station has the cheapest gas from far away.