8-hour Standoff Ends Peacefully

8-hour Standoff Ends Peacefully
By: Carly O'keefe
SHAWNEETOWN, Il. --There were some scary moments in Gallatin County Saturday. A SWAT team was called to Shawneetown around 10:15 a.m. after parents reported their son came to their home agitated and armed with an M-16 rifle and a handgun.
The man neighbors identify as Mark Harmon allegedly began threatening mom, dad and any police, should they become involved.
Apparently, the man was heavily medicated with prescription drugs that caused him to become drowsy and he fell asleep, allowing his hostage parents to escape.
The parents called police and took the M-16 out of the house with them. The man stayed asleep in the house for hours, and state police negotiators were unable to reach him. During that time, police and SWAT set up a perimeter around the home. The man was still armed with a handgun and that meant police had to proceed with extreme caution.
"Anytime we have someone in a home making threats against their parents, making threats against law enforcement and they're armed, that always can be a volatile situation," said Illinois State Police Trooper Mark Zimmerman.
Just before 6 p.m. the standoff ended peacefully when the man turned himself in to police. Neighbors say Harmon previously served in the military.
Once police removed him from the home, he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. No one was injured in the nearly 8-hour long standoff.