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Blast Into Space From Your Classroom

Blast Into Space From Your Classroom

Advances in technology and connectivity allows the Paducah Challenger Learning Center to offer two new programs that bring Challenger missions into your classroom.  These programs, called e-Missions, use the internet or other distance learning technology to create a live link between a classroom and flight directors at Mission Control.  Prior to each e-Mission, students complete curriculum, hands-on activities and practice skills necessary for a successful mission.  On mission day they become teams of experts, examine real-time data, analyze it and make recommendations to Mission Control.   Utilizing the internet and computers, either of our programs can be conducted in even the most remote locations.  The number of missions available is unlimited!  

The simulation called Moon, Mars and Beyond, takes students in grades 3-5 on a virtual mission to the outer reaches of the solar system.  In this program, students play the role of astronauts aboard a ship bound from the Moon to a base on Mars in the year 2080.  Their routine mission takes on a new twist soon after launch when Mission Control asks them to locate a ship lost for five days in the farthest reaches of the solar system.  Students must work together to determine where the ship is, how long it would take to get there and the supplies necessary for the rescue voyage.

The simulation called Operation Montserrat, allows students in grades 6-12 to participate as Earth Systems science experts.  Students will be members of the volcano, hurricane, or communication teams during the two-hour electronic mission.  Operation Montserrat engages students to work as scientists in order to solve problems in real-life situations.  The mission challenges students to apply their mathematics and science knowledge to a real-life event.

If you would like to bring an e-Mission to your classroom contact e-Mission Coordinator Margaret Anna Potter at the Challenger Learning Center in Paducah at 1-270-534-3343 or send her an e-mail at

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