Traffic deaths up in Western Kentucky

Traffic deaths up in Western Kentucky
By: Erica Byfield

So far this year 34 people died in car wrecks in Western Kentucky. That is double what Kentucky State Police recorded at this time last year.

Leaders think the huge increase is mainly due to distracted drivers.
"Look left, look right and straight, what do you find?" said Fred Myers. 
It's probably been awhile since you've taken a driving course.  But certified driving instructor Fred Myers says you're never too old for a refresher course.
"They complacent as they get older, well they've been so many years, now we can start taking short cuts," said Myers. 
Kentucky State Police Trooper Barry Meadows says he hit the nail on the head.
In his 18 years on the force, Meadows has never seen so many fatal wrecks in such a short period of time. "People need to concentrate and drive."
If you look at the numbers, the majority of the traffics deaths are people over the age of fifty, driving by themselves and not wearing their seatbelts.
"Overall we've got to start using our seat belts better," said Meadows.  
Kentucky State Police tracks every fatal wreck and after another crash Thursday night in Hickman County, Meadows added yet another green pin to this map. 
"We don't know what we're going to do.  We're trying to use this way to show that the highways are dangerous and we have a problem down here," said Meadows.  
Back at the driving school, Fred Myers says he hopes he's doing his part to curb the fatality rate.  "If they get good habits in the beginning it's going to carry on in their lives, if they build bad habits the same thing."     
The driving instructor and the trooper agree, to save lives drivers need to get back to the basics.