Inside look at Executive Inn

a bed
a bed

Inside look at Executive Inn
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, Ky. - You've seen the outside of Paducah's Executive Inn riverfront hotel, and for the first time we're able to show you what's inside.

A paying guest took a number of photos about two weeks ago.  The deteriorating state of the hotel is why the city of Paducah wants to buy it and renovate it. 

City Commissioner Gerald Watkins says he's just had to come to terms with it.  He can't stop this or any clock from ticking.

"I would like to take my time but there really isn't a lot of time," Watkins said. 

As the seconds seem to melt away, so does to the prospects of the city financing the purchase of the Executive Inn.

"By the time that this is all over with you're talking a possible 15 million dollars in expenditure by the city of Paducah," Watkins said.  "And that causes some of the public and a couple of the commissioners a little indigestion."

The massive figure includes the purchase price of the hotel and the cost of tearing down the flood wall and rebuilding it closer to the river.

But when it comes to the sale of the Big E, money is only one piece of the puzzle.

"We consider it our right to buy the hotel too," said Convention Center Board Chairman Jim Sigler. 

There are four main parties in the purchase and sell of the hotel: the Paducah City Commission, the Convention Center Board, the current owner (Yvonne Holsapple) and the potential owner (Bhupinder Singh).

"This is a pretty complex situation, legally, financially and politically," said Sigler. 

As of Thursday June 7th the major snag in the sale of the Executive Inn surrounds compensating Singh for any additional improvements he made to the hotel in the last few months.

"He has a different point of view of how much he's invested in the hotel versus what the city is able to ascertain," said Watkins. 

Attorneys for the current owner and potential owner say Singh has the funds to buy the hotel on June 12th.

So, now the question is can in the Convention Center Board work out a deal with Singh about compensation before he crosses the finish line?

Sigler adds if Singh gains control of the hotel next week, more than likely the fight for the Big E will move to the courthouse.