Self defense tips for women

Self defense tips for women
By: Carly O'Keefe

CARBONDALE, Ill. - Tragedies like that of Kelsey Smith serve as a reminder to every woman to learn a thing or two about self defense. Fourth-degree Hop Ki Do black belt master Ivan Sanders agreed to teach a few self-defense tactics.
First things first girls, you don't need to be strong to escape an attacker. You need to be smart. Master Sanders suggests using the attacker's strength against him. Everyone has weaknesses, and if someone is attacking you, you have to exploit those weaknesses to your advantage. Don't try to fight like Bruce Lee--just aim for weak spots: the groin, the face and the neck.
Wrists, believe it or not, are an incredibly weak area. All you need to do to regain control of a situation is twist your attacker's wrist away from their body. That will cause their entire body to twist to the floor; or you'll break their wrist, arm and possibly shoulder. That gives you time to get away.
"You don't need much power because that part of the hand is very delicate--you can break the hand very easily," said Sanders.
Also girls-- don't feel guilty about fighting dirty. Defending yourself is not about honor, it's about getting out of a situation alive. Use whatever tools you have, hands, knees, elbows, even your purse. Hit the attacker with whatever you have to in order to get away. Most importantly--once you're free--run away. Self defense is not about proving you're stronger, it's about proving you can outsmart the bad guy.
"Otherwise, you could hit him once and the second time you may not be so lucky," said Sanders.