Kennett man charged with capitol murder

Kennett father charged with capitol murder
By: CJ Cassidy & Heartland News staff
PARAGOULD, Ark., Kennett, Mo. - The Kennett man who surrendered to authorities Thursday morning now faces capital murder and kidnapping charges.

A police official says Parker is accused of the murder of 30-year-old Tiffany Parker. Police say deputies arrested Parker and recovered his son, who had been the subject of an Amber Alert.

The search for Parker and his son began Wednesday night, when Tiffany Parker's body was found in her home. She was apparently beaten to death.

Authorities say Carson Parker was located Thursday morning in good condition. The two-year-old was last seen in Paragould, in Greene County, around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday night.  Local law enforcement officials believe Parker was abducted after his mother was found dead.
Parker made telephone contact with law enforcement officers and made arrangements to turn himself in to western Greene County sheriff's deputies. Carson Parker was with his father at the time of surrender and was in good condition.
Parker's first court appearance will be Monday, June 11th.
Local police in Kennett say Parker's no stranger to them. He's been in and out of jail several times. Depending on who you talk to, in Kennett you're likely to get a different take on Parker.

One woman says the search left her terrified. "We didn't know if he was going to contact any of us," Shelly McDavid says. Her niece used to be married to Parker. Since their divorce, the couple shares custody of their child.

Wednesday night when Parker allegedly killed his second wife in Arkansas, police called McDavid's niece, warning her to hide out for awhile. "She went to some relative's house he didn't know about, stayed there all night," she says.

McDavid's not the only one who worried. Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder sent investigators to Parker's home in Kennett to see if he'd come back there.

The Sheriff is very familiar with Parker. "We know he's been housed in the Dunklin County Jail since 2003. He's been here a number of times, on charges ranging from assault to DWI to probation violation," Holder says.

Now that Parker is back in custody on capital murder and kidnapping charges, McDavid can breathe a sigh of relief. She's even happier his other child wasn't with him when the violence allegedly broke out. "He usually has him on Wednesdays. Since he started preschool he didn't get him on Wednesday. He could've had him last night. It could've been a lot worse," she says.

Parker worked as an independent contractor laying carpet in homes and businesses. A man he worked for Wednesday says he never showed any signs he could be capable of any kind of violence.