Local police buy FEMA trailers

Local police buy FEMA trailers
By: Mike Shain

BENTON, Mo. - The Benton Police Department joined other police agencies and health departments in buying surplus trailers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
FEMA purchased trailers for people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

Sikeston Public Safety paid FEMA $2500 for each trailer.  The list price of one of these trailers new is $20,000.

Public Safety Chief Drew Juden says he plans to use them to fill some department needs.
"One is going to be utilized by our major case squad. We're going to use it for our major case squad call outs and be able to keep a lot of our information in there so the we can pull up to a scene and utilize our paperwork and use it for a command trailer if you will," Juden said about one trailer.
The second trailer will be used to house a hostage investigation unit.
The two units will be equipped and ready for use by fall if all goes well.
"Right now they're designed for a family of five," said Juden.
Afterall, the units were bought sight unseen, but they're a bargain. 
"It'll give us a much better operational platform in which to operate on in emergency scenes, "Juden said.  "It just gives us a better ability to provide better service to the citizens,"
Juden says they may buy some more.
The trailers bought by Sikeston came from a stockpile of thousands covering several hundred acres in Hope, Arkansas.