Summer Slimdown on the Breakfast Show

Summer Slimdown on the Breakfast Show
By: Lauren Keith

Starting June 7th on the Breakfast Show, we'll kick off a new segment, "Summer Slimdown."  The goal:  lose 10 pounds by July 4th or a few inches.  Either way, our viewers can follow along live on the Breakfast Show as we get expert advice from Personal Trainer Shawn Taylor of Fitness Plus.
We'll also check in weekly live from the gym with our dieting volunteer, Dr. Jayne Scherrmann.  She's agreed to be the guinea pig for this plan.  We'll track her success and see what needs to be done to obtain that final goal.
Right away, Shawn Taylor says you cannot be apart of this plan if you aren't willing to devote at least an 1 hour a day for 30 days to exercise, as well as eating properly over the next month.
Keep following along Thursday mornings on the Breakfast Show from 5 to 7 a.m. as we get more advice.  After Thursday's show, Shawn will have his weekly plan and dieting goals for you available on our website.  You'll be able to print out the plan, whether you're a beginner or advanced dieter wanting to slim-down by the Independence Day holiday. 
Each week, log on to see what else you can do to obtain that ultimate fitness goal.
Also, do you have a question for Shawn Taylor? E-mail us your question and we'll try answer it in the coming weeks.