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Does it Work Wednesday

Worx GT 2 in 1 Weed Eater

Does it Work Wednesday
Worx GT 2 in 1 Weed Eater
By: Lauren Keith

The Worx Gt isn't your ordinary weed-eater. It has a moveable head that can tilt a full 90 degrees, so you can get under shrubs, playground equipment - anything!  At least, that's what it shows in the television commercial.

I gotta admit. This 2-in-1 tool looks handy. It's also definitely marketed towards women like me, who don't like to fuss with gas weed eaters, pull-cords and extension cords. The Worx GT is cordless and runs on an 18-volt battery. I'm not used to doing the weed-eating at my home, so I enlisted the expert help from two City of Cape employees who mow a whole lot more than me.

Parks Director Brock Davis and Personnel Specialist Regina Hunt help us with this test. "It is really light," notes Brock as he picks up the Worx GT.

In fact, the Worx GT only weighs 7 pounds, even with the battery attached. By the way,the battery takes an hour to charge initially, so remember that before you ever get started. "It has a safety on it, so it won't start unless you're holding down the safety and pushing the automatic start button," notes Brock.

Just as promised, the Worx GT does start automatically. No tap 'n' go either. Plus, you don't have to put the line in the weed eater; it really is automatic. All right, let's weed-eat!

Regina starts it up and cuts some rather tall weeds. She doesn't have any trouble. Now she tries that moveable head feature. "It seems to move relatively easy. You just have to give it a little push, and get comfortable with it. If you don't want to push on it, you can just use your foot, and it will slide into the next position," says Regina.

Now it's time for Brock to give the "edging" feature a try. You might notice a metal piece sticking out of the top of the GT. The Worx GT claims that's not only used for edging, but it's also as a flower guide. "For edging, it allowed me to use it as a guide. I can see that metal, and where I'm going, which is really nice," says Brock.

OK, so let's get down to it. The Worx GT obviously works, but it's $120, granted it is a 2-in-1 tool here. Also, I mentioned it runs on an 18 volt battery. Both Brock and Regina wonder how long it will actually stay powered up. However, listen to this point.

"A lot of power tools are going to 18 volts, because they last longer, so I think it will be fine. Also, a lot of 18 volt power drills and saws are up there in price, so the $120 tag is not really out of the ordinary price-wise, but a regular homeowner might think so," says Brock.

Also, in the DVD instruction guide, the Worx GT claims to stay powered up for jobs lasting 30 minutes.  I took it home to my house, and it never wore out and never needed to be re-charged during my trimming job.  We have about an acre lot, too.  So, I was pleased.

"I like it. It's easy to move. I give it an A minus," says Regina.

"I'd also give it an A minus. The thing holding it back is the length," says Brock.

He wishes the telescopic end would move out a bit longer for him to personally use. There's no doubt about it: the Worx Gt... works! It makes the "cut" with an A- on this Does it Work Wednesday test.

You can buy the Worx GT in some Ace True Value stores or on-line at Worxgt.com, Amazon.com, Yardiac.com, Sears.com and  Costco.com

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