Shedding light on car window tint ordinance

Shedding light on car window tint ordinance
By: Wes Wallace
SIKESTON, Mo. - If you tint your windows too dark, Sikeston Department of Public Safety Officers will be happy to shed light on a new ordinance.

The Sikeston City Council passed the measure Monday evening, and it's very close to the current Missouri state law.  However, this ordinance carries a fine. "It's really to protect officers," explains Sergeant Jim McMillen, "If the tint is too dark, then we can't see inside and we definitely need to see what's going on when we make a stop.

McMillen also says it's to protect drivers and pedestrians too. "I don't think it's right," says Lori Kimble, "I understand they need to see in, but they should be able to see in the front and back just fine."

The ordinance takes effect July 3rd, and is only a secondary offense.  Meaning officers have to pull you over for something else before they can cite you for tinting too much.