West Nile Funding Cut

West Nile Funding Cut
By:  Jason Lindsey and Becki Suthers
As the bugs buzz in your backyard this summer be aware the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is cutting Missouri's West Nile research budget by about 50%. 
Bottom line, fewer cities across the Show-Me state will trap bugs for testing this year.  In the past scientists would test mosquitoes with funding from the CDC using the results to inform people exactly where West Nile was found. 
Each year the West Nile Virus infects about 221 folks in the Heartland.  The virus is caused by a bite from an infected mosquito.  In many parts of the United States the risk of an infected mosquito biting is greatest from July to early September.    
Dr. Frazier with Southeast Missouri State University says folks should not be paranoid, but take steps to protect themselves from mosquitoes.  Frazier tells Heartland News the CDC is cutting West Nile funding so they can put more money into researching bird flu.