Teenager drowns in Ripley County

Teenager drowns in Ripley County
By: Holly Brantley

RIPLEY COUNTY, Mo. - It's the third drowning death in recent days. Water patrol says 18-year-old Evan Bascombe jumped into the water from what's known as Worley Rock on Current River.

That's when witnesses say Bascombe surfaced in the swift current and began yelling for help.

Bascombe lived in Poplar Bluff and played Basketball as a freshman at Three Rivers College.

The death comes as new restrictions are put in place on Current River. Those new restrictions include alcohol restrictions and cliff diving. Even though Worley Rock is only an 8 ft. jump, Doniphan rescue teams believe the jump would fall under those restrictions.

According to the Ripley County Coroner, alcohol was not a factor in this accident.

Water Patrol officers remind folks to respect the river. On Current River, they caution it's often difficult to judge the depth of the water.