Pinckneyville Hospital board puts off vote

Pinckneyville Hospital board puts off vote
By: Ryan Tate
Pinckneyville, Ill. - The Pinckneyville Community Hospital Board decided not to vote on a measure that could have spelled the end of the hospital's Skilled Care Unit.
Hospital Administrator Thomas Hudgins describes the Skilled Care Unit as a "Nursing Home"-type care facility. The Unit's Director says it is much more that.
But Hudgins says the Skilled Care Unit costs the Hospital One Million Dollars extra, and the burden hurts the rest of the hospital. He points to a study by a company that concluded if the Skilled Care Facility remains unchanged, the hospital will not be able to stay open.
The Pinckneyville Hospital Board's next meeting is the first Monday in July. At that time, it may decide whether or not to close the Skilled Care Unit.