Missing woman: one year later

Missing woman: one year later
By: CJ Cassidy

WAYNE COUNTY, Mo. -- A $500 reward could be yours for information leading police to Vicki Sue Lour.
The 37-year-old Wayne County woman disappeared one year ago, and her family says they couldn't sit around and do nothing.  So they put together any money they could scrape up for a reward.
Lour's boyfriend has always been a person of interest in the case, but so far no real suspects. Lour's family says their loved one couldn't have disappeared into thin air, so they're hoping the promise of money encourages anyone who knows anything to come forward.
Lour's family braced themselves for bad news when she disappeared last June.
They never expected to be waiting for answers one year later.
"If you had a baby you'd want to know what happened to her," Lour's dad, Fred Meinhardt said. He doesn't expect to see his child alive again, but he does hope for some answers.
"There's nothing I can do about it. It's done, but I want to know why," he said.
He and his son believe Vicki's boyfriend knows what happened to her.
"I think he's killed her and put her somewhere where nobody would find her," Fred said. His son Bob adds, "He has a very violent past against women and children."
Police say they've never had evidence to call her boyfriend a suspect, but they do say he's a person of interest.
He allegedly told police Lour checked into rehab for some drug problems weeks before her family reported her missing.
So far, investigators have no record of her doing so.
While police hunt for clues, her family concentrates on putting up posters advertising reward money and tries not to think of everything they left unsaid.
"That I care for her. We had sibling fights part of having brothers and sisters, but I never really did tell her that I care for her," Bob says sadly.
If you have any information, call the Wayne County Sheriff's Department or the Missouri Highway Patrol.
Lour has a 24-year-old daughter who now lives with the person of interest in her mother's disappearance - which her family says is strange.