Taum Sauk back-up warning system failed

Taum Sauk back-up warning system failed
By: The Associated Press

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Investigators say that a backup warning system did not prevent the Taum Sauk reservoir collapse because Ameren UE employees effectively disabled the set of alarms.
Ameren employees told Missouri Highway Patrol investigators that the so-called Warrick Probes were raised up so high that water never touched them in December, 2005 when the reservoir overfilled and collapsed.
The probes were set on top of the mountaintop reservoir. They were designed to shut the plant down and prevent an overflow if water ever reached the probes.
But the highway patrol report says Ameren employees raised the probes so the reservoir could be filled to a high level and generate as much electricity as possible.
Ameren did not comment on the highway patrol report.