Jail Inmates Riot

Jail Inmates Riot
By: Carly O'keefe
ULLIN, Il. --Police say at 8 p.m. Friday, 46 inmates at the Tri-County Justice and Detention Center incited a riot. According to an Illinois State Police press release, the inmates barricaded themselves in a housing area and began lighting mattresses and books on fire. Guards and police attempted to talk the inmates into giving up peacefully, but they allegedly refused to do so.
Pulaski County Sheriff Randy Kern with assistance from ISP and deputies from surrounding counties fired tear gas projectiles into the barricaded area. The facility guards and police were then able to retake control of the inmates. All 46 were decontaminated and locked in individual cells to eliminate the possibility of a second riot breaking out.
The incident lasted little more than an hour from the time the riot broke out to full containment. Kern says he does not know exactly what caused the inmates to act out.
"We're doing an investigation into why it happened, how it happened, and we'll investigate what damage was done during the incident. We'll also be looking at how it was handled and what we had to do to get it under control," said Kern.
According to the sheriff, that investigation may lead to charges against some of the inmates involved in the riot. However, for such a potentially dangerous situation, Kern says it had a great outcome; no inmates, guards or police officers were injured.