YourTurn - 6/4/07

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Stephanie Lockhart from Cutler, Illinois:
"(Josh Hancock) was an adult who chose to drink and drive and use his cell was his choice not to wear his seat is not the fault of the restaurant or the tow truck or the stalled car...I have great sympathy for his family and friends but it is not right to expect bar owners, bartenders, or co-victims to be held at fault for his choices."
Rene Sanders from Sikeston:
"I think Lauren Keith is one of the best anchors that KFVS12 has had in a while...she is very personable and always has a smile on her face no matter what time of the day she is on.  I really enjoy watching her and hope that she stays on KFVS12 for as long as possible."
Dennis Rice from Du Quoin:
"...maybe you could run a story about why our governor put Carterville at the TOP of the waiting list for school funds ahead of Du Quoin, Marion and several other towns on the list when Carterville wasn't even on it in the first place.  I'm not against Carterville getting their share of school funds, I just think they should have to wait their turn like everyone else."
Alma Curry from Sikeston:
"In response to the prank the teachers at a school in Tennessee pulled on the students by telling them a gunman was loose and to take we know what the unchecked bullies in high school grow up to be.  This is no doubt abuse to the students and they should be fired immediately...if there is a real threat the kids may not react to the danger."

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