To Donald Sturm, Scott City

Dear Donnie,

Everyone here says hello and send their love. Dad is doing great. Everyone else is doing fine and miss you. Aunt Linda has gone back to work. We know that you have gave up a lot to keep us all free and safe here at home. We are very proud of you for what you have accomplished. Give our love to Heidi, also give the boys Little Donnie and Haydon a big hug and a kiss. Let them know we miss you all very much. Everyone can't wait for you to return home. Dad and Darren are planning to take you fishing. We will have an old fashioned family reunion with playing cards and Bingo. We want you to know that we are thinking of you. You are in our prayers--May God watch over you and keep you safe till you come home.

Love and Miss you,

Mom & Dad, Debbie, Dawn, Darren, Dana & Nieces & Nephews.