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Ellis Grove, IL

Caught on tape - Wolves in Southern Illinois

Adam Duncan Adam Duncan

Caught on tape - Wolves in Southern Illinois
By: Carly O'Keefe

While video taping a recent hunt near Ellis Grove, Illinois, Adam Duncan realized he and his friend weren't the only ones tracking turkey. ellis grove is about eight miles northwest of Chester in Randolph County.

"They were going after what we were hunting," said Duncan. "The first one came out around this point, and all the turkey stuck their heads up, and then the second one came around the point... we're not sure what they were, but we think they were wolves."

Duncan followed the pair across the field through his camera lens.

"The first thing I thought was it was a coyote, but when I zoomed in close, I knew it wasn't a coyote, because it was 5 feet long and weighed about 90-100 pounds," Duncan said. "When they looked toward the camera, I seen 'em, I seen the puffy hair around their faces, and their snoot was longer than a coyote, and they were grey."

After reviewing his video, Duncan says he's sure there are wolves in southern Illinois.

"I've been talking to other people who trap coyotes, to get their opinions so no one thinks I'm crazy. They said they've seen 'em out when they've been trapping, but no one believed them, because they didn't have a camera, I just happened to have a camera turkey hunting... They're definitely out there."

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