Local group helps with discount prescription plan

Local group helps with discount prescription plan
By: Wes Wallace
Anyone on a fixed income knows how difficult it is to pay for prescription drugs.
"I was paying hundreds of dollars a month, for four drugs,"  says June Hall of Bloomfield, "It was getting so expensive, I had to dip into savings and even put some of it on my credit cards."
Then June found out about the Regional Healthcare Foundation's Compassionate Care Program.  It helps people apply for prescription assistance programs.  Project Coordinator Paula Eubanks says last year alone they got more than a million dollars in drugs to more than 300 people.
"We do the difficult paperwork and fill out forms that may be confusing or difficult to complete,'  says Eubanks, "You do have to meet certain income requirements, but once those are met, we can help anyone, no matter where they live."
Now June Hall only pays $20 a month for her four medications.

For more information, check out the Regional Healthcare Foundation's web site www.regionalhf.org