Steve Risinger
Steve Risinger
By: Crystal Britt
MILLERSVILLE, Mo. - Homeowners in southeast Missouri are losing ownership of their property without even realizing it. You'll remember, just last week we told you about a Sikeston man. Property deeds showed he sold three homes in town, but C.D. Alcorn never signed any of them. Alcorn was house- jacked, and he's not alone. 
The attorney, Jim Robison, who's working six cases so far regarding disputed property ownership in Scott County says the situation is getting even bigger. We're talking about the possibility of a number of properties affected in the Scott, Stoddard, and Cape Girardeau County area. One family in Cape County is about to lose everything, and they don't know if there's anything they can do about it.
"It affects me personally, more than family," said Steve Risinger. He and his wife Tina say they can't eat, they can't sleep, and they don't know what they're going to do. They say they've been scammed and it all goes back to 2001. The Risinger's thought they bought a modular home in Millersville and say they went through Century Mortgage and it's owner Russell Todd McBride.

"We would pay our payments directly to Century Mortgage," said Risinger. Three years would pass and the Risinger's got a certified letter in the mail addressed to Mr. McBride: saying the home loan was in default and subject to foreclosure. Risinger thought that was taken care of. So, he refinanced through HomEq out of California. "That was all fine, we'd be making payments ever since," said Risinger. 

That's until Friday of last week when he got a call from a mortgage company out of Tennessee, saying, "That they've had the loan on the home, the home alone, not the property, since 1995 when it was purchased brand new," said Risinger. The bottom line: the Risinger's don't own the home they're living in. Their name's on a deed, but only for the 3 acres of land, not the house.
"We lose our home and I won't be able to obtain more financing for anything," Steve said. Right now he can't afford an attorney. He says the repo man's already came to look at the property.  "We can't leave anywhere because if we come back our house might not be here and there's isn't anything we can do about it because they (Vanderbilt Mortgage) have the original title and the original loan on it," said Risinger. 
Heartland News tried to contact Century Mortgage but the office in Cape Girardeau is closed. Their phones are disconnected at the other offices throughout the state. The Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department is looking into all aspects of the Risinger's case. Plus, we're told the FBI is involved. Neither Century Mortgage or Todd McBride have been charged with anything. Mr. McBride's attorney, Ted Liszewski said, "I've heard a lot of complaints, but there's no evidence. My client did nothing wrong."